Mina feature for FACT

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Mina named her Kabala EP after the Sierra Leone town she partied in last New Year’s Eve.

Driven by a dark, bass-heavy pulse, the EP features traditional West African instruments like kele and bata, which Mina – tipped as one of our club producers to watch this year – picked up during her travels across the country.

Starting out as a DJ around 2012, the Londoner has been lighting up the Radar Radio airwaves for the past year on her Boko! Boko! show, spinning a selection of transatlantic dance, kwaito, kuduro, afrobeats and dancehall…continue reading.

What the hell was blog house?

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In the summer of 2006 the Klaxons spawned nu rave, but the real youth subculture of the mid-00s was the music that DJs played after bands had finished: blog house.

It’s difficult to define what blog house was exactly, because it covered so many styles. Some of it was dance music that mutated from the electroclash scene and trickled out from seminal London nights like Nag Nag Nag, Trash and Our Disco. DJs Erol Alkan, Rory Phillips and Nadia Ksaiba brought acts like Justice and 2manyDJs to the capital, all of them combining disco and ’80s classics with noisy electro house. For a country still recovering from NME‘s “new rock revolution” led by The Libertines and The Strokes, it was a breath of fresh air…continue reading.

Hailu Mergia feature for FACT

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Open up the book on Ethiopian music and Hailu Mergia should be right there on page one.

The keyboardist, army accordionist and synth pioneer spent three decades carving out a national reputation both as a solo artist and a member of groups like Addis Ababa funk outfit the Walias Band, putting out a stream of cassettes along the way, from synth-led Afro-funk to an Ethio-jazz masterpiece…continue reading.