Producers feature for Red Bull Music

Trevor Horn - LifestyleSeven pioneering producers

By April Clare Welsh on 13 November 2013 in MusicRBMA

Changing the way we listen to music, one mixing desk at a time.

Sometimes a producer comes along and turns everything you thought you knew completely on its head. Many of these have earned their stripes by creating career-defining pop records, but only a handful of names have really made a dent on the musical landscape by bringing something completely new into the production equation. We take look at the choicest of these.

Steinski the mixtape master
Hip-hop’s Internet mixtape mania 2.0 owes a massive debt to proto-sample experimentalist extraordinaire Steinski. Alongside partner in crime Doug “DoubleDee” DiFranco, Steven “Steinski” Stein was the reigning cut ‘n’ paste titan of the 80s, creatingThe Lessons; a series of hefty sonic collages which had a resounding impact on hip-hop and dance music spheres. His effortless manipulation of the sample made a young DJ Shadow sit up and take note.Watch Steinski talk about his craft back in 2003 for an RBMA lecture.

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