Mazzy Star album review for The Quietus

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Mazzy Star’s 1990 debut She Hangs Brightly established them as intriguing purveyors of exquisite, soporific indie. 1993’s So Tonight That I Might See was responsible for etching ‘Fade Into You’ onto the collective consciousness. And then there was 1996′ Among My Swan, which bade us all farewell. Or so we thought.

Dream-pop may have been exhumed in recent years, but Mazzy Star’s skill at restrained yet tortured feeling rather shows up much of the new breed. And scratching that seventeen-year itch without making any kind of song-and-dance about it (seeGuardian journalist Dorian Lynskey’s valiant attempt to get them to speak, the band slip back in very much the same way they left.

Seasons Of Your Day is a beautifully tender record in debt to the Southern Gothic. Ambling along a rugged coastline with the wind beating at your hair, kicking your heels against a mossy gravestone after dark, perhaps Keats best describes the languid mood in his poem The Human Seasons; “his soul has in it autumn when his wings he furleth close; contented so to look on mists in idleness – to let fair things pass by unheeded as a threshold brook.”

Mazzy Star’s trio of LPs mined a number of sounds, from country-noir, acoustic psychedelia, shoegaze, slowcore, lounge-pop, blues-folk and even a sprinkling of prog. This melding of styles is what took them far beyond dream-pop; nuanced and intricate, if you scratch beneath the surface there’s always been an anthill of activity.

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