ATP report for District MTV

Written by April Clare Welsh
Posted 26/11/2013
With a slightly more sober edge cutting through All Tomorrow’s Parties’ usual hijinks, the festival saw the likes of Television, Les Savy Fav, Dinosaur Jr and more perform to veterans and first-timers – plus an insurmountable number of hirsute men in combat trousers – who made the pilgrimage to the place it all began back in 1999, for last weekend’s penultimate send-off. Dedicated to ATP’s nominative inspiration and unofficial spiritual guide, Lou Reed, it was both painful and poignant to think that he had been laid to rest just a week before. But this was still a celebration – a wake, if you like – and a chance to raise a glass to arguably one of the best entertainment concepts ever conceived. Barry Hogan and Deborah Kee Higgins’ decision to marry leftfield bands with the classic British holiday park experience was well-informed 13 years ago, and still makes perfect sense today.
With a stoner-heavy line-up conducive to introspection, karaoke and pub DJs ripe for dubious disco dancing, as well as alternative amusements such as a cinema, mixtape-swap and pop quiz, the flashing lights of Pontin’s arcade barely got a look in. Friday night saw former ATP curator Dinos Chapman rattle off a spine-tingling display of jittery clamour, convincing us that his gift for artistic creation extends to the audio as well as the visual. And although the shock factor associated with The Chapman Brothers’ artworks was absent, the face-melting industrial electronics were still suitably unswerving.Television performed their epochal 1977 album ‘Marquee Moon’ in full on the Saturday evening and effortlessly recreated the magic of their debut to an audience predominantly too young to have seen it first time around. Les Savy Fav brought Saturday night to life with frontman Tim Harrington lolloping on stage like some sort of strange human-kangaroo hybrid and throwing himself to the lions (*audience) in a pillarbox red Furby costume, complete with eyeball-stocked marsupial pouch to chuck at his acolytes.

Looking suspiciously like Portlandia’s feminist bookstore owner Candace, blessed relic of grunge J Mascis swooped down with a great primordial thud for Dinosaur Jr’s juggernaut-packed set, which included evergreen favourites and newer tracks like ‘Watch The Corners’.

As Sunday night reared its head and the realisation that the end was nigh, an unholy trinity of Forest Swords, The Haxan Cloak and Pharmakon scratched their brooding, throbbing soundscapes into sponge-y brains. And then it was off to the Queen Vic again to dance like we’ve never danced before.

New music feature for Red Bull

Disclosure - Portrait

Top 10 new music acts of 2013

By April Clare Welsh on 19 November 2013 in MusicRBMA

We take a look back at the year in new music with some of our favourite heroes and heroines.

Larger-than-life soul songstresses, swaggering indie bands and supersonic MCs; this year has been blessed by a varied cast of musical protagonists. With the rap mixtape a firm fixture but guitar music also getting the attention it deserves, 2013 has nurtured and spawned the stars of tomorrow and we pick our top ten.

Brooke Candy’s internet rap

The fluoro-rap of Californian cyber princess Brooke Candy has been an all-encompassing force this year, especially as female MCs are finally taking over. A 21st century girl and product of her time, Brooke’s plumped up rapid-fire flow is deliciously moreish and after serving up a triple helping of singles this year, we’re looking forward to hearing her debut LP. Watch her in action here.

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RBMA live sessions feature

Big Boi - Performance

Top 10 live sessions

By April Clare Welsh on 20 November 2013 in RBMARed Bull Studios

Watch and hear some of your favourites artists in the flesh.

Here at Red Bull, we’ve played host to some of the world’s biggest, baddest and freshest musical royalty. Capturing their many talents on camera for a range of unforgettable sessions and sets, everyone from Big Boi and Ghostpoet to Brooke Candy and Jessie Ware have graced us with their live presence over the years. Feast your ears and eyes on our top ten.

Big Boi takes a bite
Outkast mainstay and a rapper/producer in his own right, Big Boi brought his entire band over to Red Bull studios LA back in March. And they totally killed it with this performance of huge sounding brass-led jive “Apple of My Eye”, a song evoking the heady spirit of the jazz club, in a shoulder-shuffling r’n’b kind of way. There’s even an actual apple-crunch soundbite. Enjoy!

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Micro-genres feature for Red Bull Music

How To Dress Well - LifestyleHashtags: Inside the genres defining new music

By April Clare Welsh on 19 November 2013 in RBMAMusic

For the lowdown on the myriad micro-genres taking the Internet by storm, look no further.

As any music lover will attest, the Internet can be a pretty daunting place. The paradox of choice means that too much of something is not always a good thing but the labyrinthine quality of the World Wide Web gives us new music discoveries by the bucketload. For our Hashtags series, we enlisted a host of pundits and purveyors to help us cut through the hype. Here’s our top five videos elucidating those buzz-terms.

Don’t call it #CloudRap

As legend has it, Lil B once pointed to a picture of a castle floating in the clouds and declared his intention to immortalise that image in song. At the intersection of chillwave, lo-fi, swag rap and bass rap, sits cloud rap, so-called for its escapist qualities. Heavy on the narcotics, it’s a place where area codes are practically null and void and for this alone has been indebted with shifting the rap game. Think ethereal beats filtered through a dreamlike lens. Stripped back hip-hop treading the lo-fidelity side of the tracks. Unconventional samples. Bedroom beats with bite. Oodles of ambience. Flatbush ZombiesPiff Gang, Main Attrakionz, SpaceGhostPurrp and G-Side are all doing it and this video takes a look at just what it is they’re doing.

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Producers feature for Red Bull Music

Trevor Horn - LifestyleSeven pioneering producers

By April Clare Welsh on 13 November 2013 in MusicRBMA

Changing the way we listen to music, one mixing desk at a time.

Sometimes a producer comes along and turns everything you thought you knew completely on its head. Many of these have earned their stripes by creating career-defining pop records, but only a handful of names have really made a dent on the musical landscape by bringing something completely new into the production equation. We take look at the choicest of these.

Steinski the mixtape master
Hip-hop’s Internet mixtape mania 2.0 owes a massive debt to proto-sample experimentalist extraordinaire Steinski. Alongside partner in crime Doug “DoubleDee” DiFranco, Steven “Steinski” Stein was the reigning cut ‘n’ paste titan of the 80s, creatingThe Lessons; a series of hefty sonic collages which had a resounding impact on hip-hop and dance music spheres. His effortless manipulation of the sample made a young DJ Shadow sit up and take note.Watch Steinski talk about his craft back in 2003 for an RBMA lecture.

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