Close Knits – my new monthly noise-pop/DIY column for DiS


Here’s the first of a new monthly column celebrating the sunny delights of DIY fuzz-pop, noise-pop, post-punk and straight down the line, knitwear endorsed indie-pop. We’ll be taking the bittersweet, the shambling, the fey, the angular, the adrenalin fuelled, the rough around the edges, the anarcho, the slacker, the young at heart and the jangle all the way and waving them emphatically in your face, should you care to listen.

Bands, labels, festivals, events, radio shows, promoters – anyone who performs a public service to this most youthful sounding and self-motivated of guitar-led sounds – plucked from UK and US environs – will be hung out in the sun and laid out to dry. It’s a long and winding list but here are just some of the wonderful people who will no doubt pop up along the way; Upset The Rhythm , Sexbeat, Comfortable On A Tightrope, Tuff Enuff Records, Nightschool Records, Suplex Cassettes, Tye Die Tapes, Norman Records, Milk Records, Paradise Vendors inc, Art is hard, Faux Discx, Bratwell Recordings, Kristina Records, Slumberland, Underwater Peoples, Captured Tracks, Italian Beach Babes, Sound Savers, Gringo Records, Tough Love Records, Fortuna Pop! and many, many, many more.

Because, contrary to popular, commercially viable, chart obsessed belief, guitar music hasn’t slipped off this mortal coil; it’s very much alive and kicking, so let’s put two fingers up to the doubters and unbelievers!

Our album of 2012 was Cold Pumas’ portentous post-punk debut Persistent Malaise (- hop over to their Bandcamp here). The yelping no wave of Roseanne Barrr’s Repulsion’(Primative Records/Tuff Enuff) came in at a close second and third was Sauna Youth’s poetic garage punk tome Dreamlands(Gringo Records) but to set the wheels in motion we’re kicking off proceedings with a mixtape of our top ten tracks of 2012 (in no particular order);

Read it here 

Next one should be live sometime next week!


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