New poems


Black mass,

topsy turvy moan,

sun-speckled coat baking in the heat.

Regally spreadeagled,

hubristic tendencies,

a cut above the rest.

Scratch out your eyes,

usurp your haven,

interrupt your dreams,

whilst warming your toes.


Jagged edges, sublime prowess,

death-still, air hangs close.

In the belly of the gods,

an ungodly temper

splits the scene in two.

Night-time disco clubland,

sparks flying here and there,

white hot gauze lines the clouds

like strobe lights in the coal black sky.


Twisted confetti,

grisly lumps of sizzling carrion laid out to dry.

Snarling lips, slithers of silver,

a leap of faith turns sour.

Red suns illuminate the grey,

your net is cast, shackles set.

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