The Proper Ornaments

They look like a cult of scruffy-haired, sun-starved Californian hippies and their defiantly retro sound is certainly testament to this.

The Proper Ornaments are a low-riding band of Byrds worshipping Londoners – featuring James from Veronica Falls – who casually extrapolate the very essence of 60s West Coast pop with its utterances of understated psychedelia, in a jangly British, C86 climate. I’ve seen them play live on three  different occasions; a stripped-back instore at Kristina Records, a hipster-ready show at The Shacklewell Arms and last Friday’s packed-out gig at Powerlunches and have borne witness to their gradual expansion.

They’ve morphed from a modest duo (James Hoare and Max Clapps, originally called The Mystics) into an uncompromising musical unit (now featuring Wes from Let’s Wrestle, among others) and reel off the kind of melodies which linger on the breeze for days.

The Proper Ornaments’ self-titled EP (No Pain In Pop) lovingly doles out five tracks of the most fluidly melodic guitar pop – and with the added organ/keys, brings to mind Flying Nun lynchpins The Clean.

Looking forward to seeing them at Indietracks!



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