Down Under with Dick Diver

Taking their name from the main protagonist in Fitzgerald’s ‘Tender is the Night’, Dick Diver or Dick Diver (tailor intonation to suit individual preferences or mood) are a Melbourne four-piece who make low-slung, eeked-out, widescreen indie – undeniably Antipodean in the kind of sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery mantra it expels – with Hawaiian lilts and dissonant, unmistakeably Aussie male vocals.

‘Flying Tea Towel Blues’ is a slow-burning meander through the heat scorched outback, ‘Interstate Forever’ is a jangle all the way (with the windows down) road trip with Pavement in the backseat. ‘On The Bank’ points a finger towards the Dunedin Sound of the 80s – with female vocals adding that storied dichotomy to the mix — and final album track ‘Head Back’ is tempered with harmonica, tying up any lose country ends.

All in all, ‘New Start Again’ – their debut LP which came out last year on Chapter Music (so I’ve come a bit late to the party) – fans out balmy gusts of air which will never get stale.

You can stream the whole album here:

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