Slowcoaches are heavy.


Endless high-kicks of adrenalin fuelled power-pop-noise-punk guitars where the occasional gnarly wig out sees the light of day. With brash outbursts from frontwoman Heather – see ‘Get Ripped’ – they also surf a melodic wave  – see ‘Gimme Fuck Ups’ – pitting male against female in a vocal sparring contest of which indie-pop mavens would be proud. ‘No Brainer’ revives the EARLY punk spirit of Ash, whose mini album ‘Trailer’ (released 1994) is like a time capsule of their youthful belligerence forever preserved.


Slowcoaches’ latest EP ‘We’re So Heavy’ – out on cassette with Tye Die Tapes – pertains to this punk aesthetic but boasts blasts of fragrant, doe-eyed singing. It’s sweet and sour. Steel toe-capped brevity. I saw them tear up Powerlunches the other week and it’s safe to say I had a pretty swell time.

Hear them sing and play!

They are here! –

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