Light Asylum Seeking

Light Asylum – Debut s/t LP!!!

WOW. The Light Asylum debut is what the world has been waiting for.  Just when you thought electronic music had become the preserve of the wishy-washy, Light Asylum grab you by the scruff of your neck and frighten the life out of you. This is earnest stuff. A much needed kick up the proverbial. Synth-pop with clout (and added terror).



Sounding the alarm with neighing horses on ‘A Certain Person’, moving through ravaging teutonic clamour on ‘Hour Fortess’ – a stab in the gothic dark – there’s also the monstrous, psychotic, verging-on-terrorcore of ‘Pope Will Roll’ (yes he will) and 80s OMD/Eurthymics ready ‘Angel Tongue’. There’s an industrial sized hole in the equator which Shannon Funchess and Bruno Coviello have just filled with molten silver. All hell’s about to break loose.

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