Aural Deluge No.3: The Monochrome Set – ‘Inside Your Heart’

Monochrome by name, monochrome by nature. This flat-toned paean to love from afar sees English post-punk wunderkinds The Monochrome Set take a romantic, black and white stroll down a sleepy lane overgrown with twangy guitars,  laid-back drums and sardonic declarations.

“Could it be that you’ve got something I want//I’ve got a hatchet stuck inside your heart.”

It’s got recurring and subverted doo-wop harmonies —  subverted, because there’s no real perkiness  — which take on the form of wry, sonorous multi-vocal repetitions of the motif “Inside Your Heart”. There’s still a kind of mod feel to it all but the final guitar swoon takes things up a notch.

The Monochrome Set have an extensive repertoire which has been never really been given the credit it deserves. If you like what you hear, start off with ‘Volume, Contrast, Brilliance’ — a compilation LP released by Cherry Red in 1983 which basically covers all the main singles as well as B-sides and rarities. The band actually reformed last year and have a show at Dingwalls on April 29th.

And with a guitarist called Lester Square, you’ve got to see the funny side.

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