Omi Palone

There’s four of them, they live in The Big Smoke and they sound a bit like *deep breath* Beat Happening-meets-Silver Jews-meets-Jonathan Richman-meets-Stephin Merritt-meets the band Crystal Stilts would probably like to be-meets all of my favourite male vocalists rolled up into one big, maroon coloured piece of  maudlin post-punk twee pop carpet. Oh and their name is the Polari slang for homosexual.

The singer’s baritone rumble on ‘Whirlwind’ slaloms in and out of polyrhythmic Feelies-esque guitars and is punctuated by a reverb-soaked echo, the kind that all of those pseudo post-punk bands aim to master but instead end up sounding like lobotomised toads. It has some sparkling guitars that create a louche kind of cruising-in-your-car-along-the-freeway sound, drawing a (tentative) comparison to Yo La Tengo. The drums get more of a look in on ‘Fire Escape’ but there’s still plenty of tasty little hooks to feast on, as well as a jingle-jangle rattle a la Beat Happening and what sounds like a far off organ murmur.

‘Lindsay’ has it all – a lulling drum roll, delicious vocal dip an a greater sense of toe-tapping urgency to it, that’s not forgetting the heady air guitar solo which unravels towards the end. I was doing some harmless internet type stalking and I think this song is actually about a girl’s smile… ‘We Go On’ sees the singer’s voice run even deeper, right through to your bone marrow, reverberating for longer as it clashes head on with the effects pedals. Overall this track packs a heavier weight, reeks of filthy grunge like Sonic Youth and has a mellifluous whiff of spoken word to it.

Omi Palone supported the amazing Grass Widow recently and also played a benefit show for the Duke Of Uke. They are having their tape launch at Power Lunches on September 9th. Here’s some of their music to check out;

Omi Palone – ‘Whirlwind’

Omi Palone – ‘Lindsay’

Omi Palone – ‘Fire Escape’

Go here for their blog

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