La La love you

La La Vasquez new split 7″

With an almighty thud and a resounding wallop, La La Vasquez catapult themselves back onto the scene!

The all-grrl trio – with the shiniest hair in lo-fi – return with a weightier new sound and a slick new split 7″ (with Neonates), through the pioneering Captured Tracks label. This is a bold effort and one which documents¬† the band’s journey over to the dark side, as they edge further away from that flowery, C86-laced periphery of yore. I witnessed them take the rickety old roof off a West Sussex barn not too long ago and I’ve seen them tear the place up at Yes Way and Offset, with their whirling guitars and impressive pedal orchestrations. Guitarist Freya Watson is heading for the Golden State in September, where she will no doubt be rubbing shoulders and shuffling feet with all those lo-fi-slacker-rock-surf-pop-SoCal dudes and dudettes. We bid her farewell and hopes that she brings us back a little slice of sushine.

La La Vasquez – ‘Do It Again, Change This’/Neonates – ‘Nada’


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