Panda Panda Panda…Bear

Interview with Animal Collective’s Panda Bear

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Panda Bear encapsulates the blissful sound of summer with this latest offering and brings to mind the softer side of surf-pop

Noah Lennox is a household name in leftfield experimentalism and arguably one of the most significant musical protagonists of our generation. A leading light in contemporary psychedelic pop, he is to us what Syd Barrett and Brian Eno were to those before us, an understated genius who has garnered praise both as a solo artist and as an integral member of Animal Collective.

His musical heritage has its roots in electronic artists, an influence which becomes apparent on listening to records like ‘Person Pitch’. Although there is also a sense of delicate melancholia which resonates throughout his work, demonstrated best by his 2004 album ‘Young Prayer’. Like Primal Scream and Radiohead, Lennox bridges the gap between electronics and guitars, uniting the two seemingly disparate worlds using both synthetic and authentic instrumentation. In his prolific career he has released some four LPs under the Panda Bear moniker and eight albums with Animal Collective. Mixed with Pete Kember of Spectrum/Spaceman 3, this fourth solo album is a subtle nod to 60s psych-pop, bursting with gorgeous choral harmonies, shimmering electronics and beachy samples.

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