Disco Devil

Black Devil Disco club interview

Originally published: www.dazeddigital.com

The unsung hero of electronic music returns with yet another work of dazzling disco genius and a spot at Dazed Live in Apriil.


Bernard Fevre may have done for dance music what Lou Reed did for rock, but his subversive debut slipped through the net in 1978 and remained tethered to the underground for years to come. After hiding in the shadows of obscurity for nearly thirty years, a re-issue by Richard D. James and Luke Vibert (via their Rephlex label) brought Black Devil Disco Club back to life again for modern audiences. Releasing his 28 After LP in 2006, Fevre’s latest effort, Circus, will undoubtedly transform him from a spectral talent to a more tangible artiste, taking his status to dizzying new heights of recognition. We caught up with the Black Devil himself to talk about the new album and find out what to expect from his upcoming performance at Dazed Live.

Read the rest of the interview here

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