These boots were made for walking

Dr. Martens Fashion Profile feature


Surely nothing better demonstrates the immutable natural bond between music and fashion more than a Dr. Marten boot. The DM has been the footwear of choice for subcultures and superstars alike for half a century now and its relationship with music is becoming even more entwined.

Dr. Martens has in the past released album compilations and sponsored festivals, but now the brand is venturing off in more a creative direction with its music projects. To make a mark with its fiftieth birthday this month, the shoe giant has commissioned ten exciting cover versions of classic songs.

Since the birth of the ‘1460’ design on 1st April 1960, the Dr. Marten boot has become a ubiquitous fashion staple, worn by tribes and clans from the skinheads and the punks to the mods to grunge kids.

“The ‘1460’ eight-eye boot is embedded in footwear folklore,” says Dan Freeland, from DM HQ. “It is also very versatile and lends itself to new colours, materials and finishes so it constantly stays fresh.”

It has documented social history as an unwavering symbol of British subculture. As alternative scenes may come and go, the spirit of the DM seems to carry on, continued usually by new troupes of social misfits with distinct street-evolved styles.

The boots have made something of a comeback in recent years, due to the launch of a number of flagship stores around the UK and also to the cycle of fashion trends and renaissance of styles. Hipsters and the fashion sets are now wearing the boot like those with a more political or music-orientated taste in style have done in the past.

Read the full interview HERE

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