Teen Dreams

Beach House interview

Originally published:www.clashmusic.com

Dreampop: where sleep is just one weary breath away. Where sumptuous lullabies slide through your body like warm honey and kaleidoscopic reveries flicker before your eyes. And such is the music of Beach House as it is currently known: soporific cries and twinkling instrumentation ripe with ethereal, dream-inducing qualities: the stuff of fairytales and fantasy novels.

So, this dreampop tag to which the Baltimore duo have now become linked is a wholly fitting description, if ever there was one, and is at the same time something that vocalist Victoria Legrand doesn’t seem to mind too much about. “Dreampop is a harmless label and people need genres to understand things, especially if you’re in the industry as that’s how you get people to read about things,” she remarks. “I don’t think it pigeonholes you unless you make an issue out of it. The ‘dream’ word is mentioned a lot with our music. It has a lot of dreams in it for sure, but with this record there are definitely other words that also spring to mind.”

Read the full interview HERE

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