Peaches and cream

Interview and fashion shoot with Peaches


After ten years of high-octane, performance driven music making, Peaches certainly doesn’t look too bad. In fact, she looks pretty damn incredible, with her excruciatingly toned physique and pins to die for. The Canadian songstress certainly owes a fair part of her success to her aesthetic appeal.

Peaches has marketed herself from the outset as the self-styled queen of shock (with a good dose of humour thrown in for good measure), and has worn her crown with unwavering commitment for nearly a decade.

With five critically acclaimed studio albums and a vast array of singles and EPs under her studded belt, she is clearly a skilled chanteuse. Launching her career as the modest Merrill Nisker back in 1995 with debut ‘Fancypants Hoodlum’, her sexed-up alter-ego was then just a twinkle in young Merrill’s eye.

The electro-rock queen finally came into her own in 2000 when she released ‘The Teaches Of Peaches’ (an album known primarily for track ‘Fuck The Pain Away’) under her brand new moniker. And she has gone from strength to strength ever since: frightening boys, men and women alike with her sexually explicit lyrics and equally sexual stage shows.

Read the full interview HERE

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