Review of Offset festival 2010


There’s something rather comforting about attending a festival just eleven miles from your home. Should you suddenly decide that you’ve had about enough of those precocious teenage campers with their precocious teenage bullshit and their insistence on throwing things at any given opportunity, then you can fuck off back to safety. And even make the last tube.

But luckily enough, the usual festival irritations are largely absent from Hainault Forest’s Offset festival, an intimate affair which sees hoards of Hackney dwellers descend upon the ‘Forest Country Park’ (just off the motorway, mind) for two days of aural bliss.

An indie kid’s ultimate wet dream, Offset is a comprehensive musical showcase dedicated to bringing you the cream of the leftfield crop. With an autonomy on pretty much any trend currently gracing the pages of Vice and Super Super, and pretty much any act currently breathing fresh young life into the musical zeitgeist of the day, Offset is a musical forecast of sorts, the shape of things to come. And the future looks bright.

Read the full review: HERE

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