Here’s Johnny!

Johnny Blue Eyes Fashion Profile feature


The man who told Beth Ditto to wear lyrca and be proud of her size, Johnny Blue Eyes is a stylist who understands how to dress musicians to make them iconic. He has a wardrobe that would rival Keith Richards’, the A-list on speed dial and a new Mecca that rock ‘n’ roll designers and performers called The House Of Blue Eyes.

Johnny Blue Eyes, a man with a big personality and big heart, cares for the artists he works with, and many become close friends. In 2008 he launched his House Of Blue Eyes, a collaborative fashion and art house, and Beth Ditto and Ana Matronic flew in to town to model in support of their favorite stylist’s new project. Kate Moss also took to the catwalk and the shots of the supermodel, who had not modeled on any other catwalk that decade, were syndicated round the world, highlighting Johnny’s ability to make a statement.

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