She’s no pretender

Interview with Chrissie Hynde

Originally published:

Chrissie Hynde fell in love with a Welshman and started up a band.

For the first time in three decades, Chrissie Hynde is singing from a brand new hymn sheet. Joining forces with her now ex-lover JP Jones and backed by musicians The Fairground Boys, Hynde has dived straight into unchartered duet waters and duly risen to the challenge.

It’s a creative partnership born from a frustrated love affair – ‘Fidelity’ is a collection of songs articulating an unconventional romantic entanglement between two people, from two seemingly different ends of the musical spectrum. The thirty-year age gap may have raised a few eyebrows along the way, but the pair seized the opportunity to translate their feelings into song nevertheless. “The tracks are all written to each other, about each other; conversations if you like,” explains Hynde. “We are each others’ muse on this thing.”

JP recounts the night they met. “I spotted Chrissie straight away; I couldn’t believe it was her. So I went up to her and we ended up chatting all night. We swapped numbers and texted each other the next day,” he says. “I was doing a solo album at the time and Chrissie was giving me her opinions, it was incredible.”


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