Bonding with No Age

Live review of Male Bonding & No Age, @XOYO, London

Originally published:

Hemmed in like battery chickens fighting for air, it felt like the whole of East London had come out to play on Thursday night. With barely an inch spare to rest your pint, let alone a bulging bag or winter coat, as the eager crowds congregated by the front of stage, XOYO’s modest surroundings were rapidly transformed into a heaving pit of sweaty, flailing limbs.

Dalston indie darlings Male Bonding had, as always, brought with them hoards of fervent fans. Having developed something of a cult following, you have to take your Nike caps off to the noise-pop trio; they’ve got some serious staying power. For in this doomed age of musical flippancy, there’s something very comforting about a band who make it through the first year and still come out fighting fit. And as a live act, Male Bonding just keep getting better and better, re-enforcing their performance swagger each time with more gusto.

Read the rest of the review HERE

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