Drum role please…

Interview with Radiohead’s Phil Selway.

Originally published: www.clashmusic.com

Some men buy a Ferrari, others strike up an illicit affair. But in response to an impending midlife crisis, Radiohead drummer Philip Selway found solace in the humble stringed instrument…

The Oxford percussionist has reacquainted himself with his guitar and written a solo album. Making the brave leap from integral band member to independent singer-songwriter, he readily exposes his talents to the voracious masses. But those merciless critics hoping for a musical washout have been sadly disappointed; Selway’s foray into the lonely world of the solo artist has been greatly received so far, punctuated by the success of his first, full-length offering, ‘Familial’.

This accomplished debut boasts collaborations from the likes of songstress Lisa Germano and Glenn Kotche of Wilco, who help to “scuff up” the album’s overall aesthetic and prevent it from sounding too precious, as Selway asserts. “Obviously the songwriting process has to remain solitary,” he continues. “But I like working in a band as I definitely crave that dialogue.” And of course it makes perfect sense that someone so used to being part of a homogenised musical presence would find it hard to abandon this support network completely. But ‘Familial’ is quite distinct from the convoluted electronics and socio-political tirades of his Oxford companions. It is, instead, an intensely personal record, a plucky attempt at stripped-back, musical sincerity, which is by its very nature sentimental.

Read the rest of the interview HERE

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