Aural testimonies of embarrassing teenage romance

Smudge – Manilow/Real McCoy. Wrong Sinatra review

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The latest band to be featured as part of the Fire Records’ ‘Embers’ re-issue series have been pulled straight from the annals of Nineties’ indie. These Smudge re-releases fittingly evoke the cultural spirit du jour and that has seen hipsters everywhere don denim, lace and plaid in a bid to recreate the grunge aesthetic. So, thanks to the cyclical nature of music and fashion, an era which was largely shunned for its lack of credibility has been taken right to the forefront of our collective consciousness again and Thatcher’s children can re-live their misspent youth, totally on trend.

It would be perfectly fair to assume that Smudge are American, probably because they sound a lot like Dinosaur Jr. or because, in the grand tradition of Nineties’ American indie, they can’t sing for shit. But coming from the place that brought us Nick Cave, INXS and Cut Copy, they are something of an exotic rarity and are set apart from their American contemporaries by nature of their origin.

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