A belly full of youthful enthusiasm

Bombay Bicycle Club – Flaws

 Originally published: www.drownedinsound.com

North London quartet Bombay Bicycle Club were barely out of short trousers when they released I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose – they could scarcely buy a carton of milk without somebody accusing them of being precocious.

But it looks like they’ve gone away for a year and done some serious growing up, if this second offering is anything to go by. A gushing attempt at stripped down, acoustic sincerity, Flaws could be the band’s very own I Speak Because I Can. So when their peers were bumming around Thailand – climbing trees, building huts and smoking opium under the pretence of cultural enrichment – Bombay Bicycle Club were on a very different kind of explorative journey, flicking through the annals of folk with a glint in their eye and a belly full of youthful enthusiasm. The outcome of this comparatively tame voyage of discovery is Flaws, an album which sees the band re-invent themselves as an acoustic-only ensemble.

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