Sonic Yoof

I was lucky enough to attend the ATP Strange Days show on NYE with Sonic Youth, Shellac et al. Here’s my review, orignally published on

For revellers at ATP’s inaugural Strange Days event, that inevitable sense of frustration that so often comes from a New Year’s Eve spent grappling with sweaty crowds, AWOL friends and throbbing bass was largely absent from the proceedings. Of course, there were high expectations all round, as people donned their party hats in preparation for the biggest blow out of the year. But no one was disappointed.

Current hype darlings Factory Floorget the evening off to an ear-splitting start, pummelling industrial synth beats, keeping volume levels well above the danger zone. Warm up reigns are then handed over to the enigmatic Mark Stewart and his recently reunited Pop Group. A steady throng forms by the stage, but the turnout is nonetheless disappointing as people appear to be saving themselves for the headline acts. The Pop Group’s dubbed out post-punk is still an indomitable force however, Stewart’s deranged shrieking reverberating within the cavernous walls of the Apollo, guitar licks ricocheting with glee. Dancing feet are worked up into a pulsating rhythm, as bodies jerk to the fierce sound of ‘We Are All Prostitutes’. And so the night begins.

Read the full review  here:

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