The bitch is back!

In a recent job application, I was asked to review a single currently placed in the UK top ten.  Naturally, I chose Britney. Here’s wot I writ…

Britney Spears: ‘Hold It Against Me’ 

Crashing web servers in a post-apocalyptic act of technological chaos, Britney Spears’ new single whipped up quite the internet frenzy. Naturally.

But is it any good? Tapping into the musical spirit du jour, Britney ‘gets down with the kids’ in this eclectic dance floor mash-up. Boasting everything from tenacious electro beats and euphoric rave synths to gritty dubstep breakdowns, it recalls the industrial tinged edge of 2007’s Blackout, with Dr. Luke and Max Martin duly noted.

Lyrically, Spears’ bold sexual prowess is still an omnipotent force (“If I said I want your body now/ Would you hold it against me”), but it’s perhaps more Carry On than Basic Instinct (“You feel like paradise and I need a vacation tonight”). Still, it’s a tantalising album teaser for Spears, gleaming with her renewed sense of joie de vivre.

The Queen of Pop may have been temporarily dethroned, but can she wear her crown with pride once again? Only time will tell.

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